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Baby Dalmatian Costume Cape

If you can believe it, a baby Dalmatian costume cape works perfectly as a coat for your baby. Yes, not only will the Dalmatian costume cape warm your baby up, your baby will look super cute in it too! And this baby costume cape is different from other baby costumes in that it’s not a whole bodysuit or jumper at all. So your baby won’t feel suffocated or overly hot. This Dalmatian costume cape for your baby comes with a cape in white with black paw prints, a hood with Dalmatian ears, mittens, and booties. How cool is that? Your baby will look stylin’ in his new baby Dalmatian costume cape! Watch out 101 Dalmatian – 101 of you is no match for this baby in a baby Dalmatian costume cape!

Baby Dalmatian Costume Cape
Baby Dalmatian Costume Cape
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As Seen in 101 Dalmatians
Updated on Sep 16, 2017

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  • peg

    Hm my answer will be Goth or Emo cause it halloween darkness roaming.

  • What a little cutie! I love Kids Dalmatian Costumes They just look so adorable

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