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Cruella De Vil Costume from Disney’s 101 Dalmations

One of the classier ladies of Disney villain folklore would have to be the Cruella De Vil costume. She has fashionably black and white hair and wore beautiful animal fur coasts and was chauffeured around in a nice limo. Though she showed us she wasn’t too lady-like to get in and drive the Panther De Ville herself when the circumstances called for it, this Cruella De Vil costume pictured is perfect for the older more distinguished costume party goer. In fact, you may even have a similar long white fur coat, or not, and if you have a Dalmatian patterned overcoat, even better as we all know Cruella de Vil’s fascination with that print style. She wears a large red hat and underneath is a simple yet elegant black dress and red gloves to match. Top off the look with her trademark parted down the middle white and black wig, some flashy red heels, and of course her other trademark cigarette holder and you’ve got yourself the perfect Cruella de Vil costume to villainize the town next Halloween!

cruella de vil costume 101 dalmations
cruella de vil costume 101 dalmations
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As Seen in 101 Dalmatians
Updated on Apr 17, 2017

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  • citacherch samyszka

    Yeah you're right, it's called Thunderbolt Adventure Hour, I love that movie!!!

  • beguilobe arvieredro

    oh and Autsin Powers= 3-6 years old. yep my sis watch 101 dalmations and i watched Austin Powers.

  • chornett sterichest

    I agree. :) the villains are the best part!

  • seckhairim birrieaux

    I actually seem to side with the minions (Iago, Le Fou, Flotsom & Jetsam) than the full villians, but the best full villian is Ursula, as she will run (swim?) over anyone and everyone to get to triton

  • sutts earn

    I liked a YouTube video — The Disney Villains Do

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