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A Bug's Life Costume Ideas

A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life is one of Pixar’s earlier computer animated films released in 1998 featuring the secret world of bugs. Centering on a colony of ants and the main character Flik, the story is roughly based on the Ant and the Grasshopper where the ants work hard to gather food during the warm seasons to live through the cold. However in a Bug’s Life the grasshoppers are portrayed as powerful insects who demand tribute from the ants who barely harvest enough for themselves. There are a variety of fun characters in the film, especially when the traveling circus of bugs arrives led by the ringleader P.T. Flea who end up becoming the warriors for the ants in an up-rise against the oppressive grasshoppers led by Hopper.

Flik Costume

Need a brand new costume idea for your little boy? Well, introduce him to Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life and he'll love a Flik costume. He'll want to be just like Flik as Flik is the hero in the film. Sure, he may start out as... → Read More

As Seen in A Bug's Life

Baby Heimlich Caterpillar Costume

How about a cute little baby Heimlich caterpillar costume for your darling baby? Yes, everyone loves Heimlich the German caterpillar from Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life. Heimlich is one big caterpillar who is just carefree and loves to eat. So if your baby was dressed up... → Read More

As Seen in A Bug's Life

Bug’s Life Ladybug Costume

A super cute costume idea for your little girl - A Bug's Life ladybug costume! Yes, so who cares if the ladybug from Disney/Pixar's film A Bug's Life is a male, and his name is Francis. And no, it doesn't matter if Francis the ladybug... → Read More

As Seen in A Bug's Life