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Baby Heimlich Caterpillar Costume

How about a cute little baby Heimlich caterpillar costume for your darling baby? Yes, everyone loves Heimlich the German caterpillar from Disney/Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. Heimlich is one big caterpillar who is just carefree and loves to eat. So if your baby was dressed up in a baby Heimlich caterpillar costume, can you imagine how much attention he would get? He would love the attention, and so would you! So be sure to find a complete caterpillar outfit that must be soft and comfortable first and foremost. The outfit should also have several layers of colors like a caterpillar, and comes with a matching hood with antenna as well. And there you have it, your baby in a head-to-toe baby Heimlich caterpillar costume!

Baby Heimlich Caterpillar Costume
Baby Heimlich Caterpillar Costume
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As Seen in A Bug's Life
Updated on Oct 4, 2017

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  • drichilaka eza

    Awesome World Book Day costume Look at the the cute lil hungry caterpillar!

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