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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Costume Ideas

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

In this twist of historical fiction, we’re introduced to a fantasy world where vampires exist and are an integral part of one of the United States’ most beloved president of all Abraham Lincoln. After witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of a vampire, it become young Abe’s sole goal and ambition to kill these creatures, thus he learns the intricacies and skills with which to do so. As he proceeds on with his normal and political life to become President of the United States, he finds his vampire hunting skills needed again in the war against the Confederate army. With the recent craze of zombies, it’s nice to bring back the vampires a little bit, especially when mixed in with a famous historical figure. Lots of people like to dress as President Lincoln but now they can have license to do so with a little bit more pizazz thanks to this 2012 movie.

President Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Costume

This is similar to the previous posts on the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter costume except it shows the facial hair detailing of the elder statesman in his later years in the movie. At this point he has the familiar beard of the famed President that... → Read More

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Full Costume

Be unusual yet perfectly in the spirit of things as this Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter costume from the movie as the same name. In this shot actor Benjamin Walker can be seen sporting the full costume to give you an idea of the lengths and... → Read More

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Costume Detail

This photo of Benjamin Walker in the historical fantasy movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter shows off his costume detail quite nicely if this is something you want to consider going as for your next Halloween party. It's easy to dress up as Abraham Lincoln and... → Read More