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Aladdin Sultan Costume

Disney’s Aladdin needs to grow up some day, so why don’t you dress up in a Aladdin Sultan costume! And you’ve seen enough of other Aladdin Street Rat Disney costume anyway, so twist this old favorite up and go with a royal Aladdin costume instead. First off, find a polyester or rayon like long-sleeve shirt with bright colored patterns or trimmings. Then, find its matching pants. These pants should be loose and comfortable, not frail and patched with holes like the other Street Rat costumes. You also need to find an extravagant shawl or long jacket that goes over the long-sleeve shirt. Or you should be able to find a convenient complete Sultan adult suit. And lastly, don’t forget to wear the all important royal turban on your head. So there you have it – your very own Aladdin Sultan costume. Now let Agrabah bow down to you Sultan!

Aladdin Sultan Costume
Aladdin Sultan Costume
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As Seen in Aladdin
Updated on Sep 13, 2017

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    Sultan Adult Costume: More than just a Royal Sultan costume, this also works well as a costume for a genie or Bi…

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