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Hipster Aladdin Costume

Who said Ariel had to be the only hipster Disney costume around here? If you are a guy, then this hipster Aladdin costume is sure to catch your interest. It’s comfortable, it’s hip and cool, and it’s still Aladdin from the Disney movies! In fact, we’d believe it if you got even more attention in this Aladdin costume than the traditional ones. Everybody loves an old costume with a new twist, and since we’re all about everything hipster these days, it’s the perfect time to bust out our old favorites–hipster style! This Aladdin hipster sports the big black frame glasses as mandatory so let’s just get that out of the way first. He wears a cool purple checkered shirt with a great tailored fit. Check. The rest of the costume is pure Aladdin. The purple vest, red sash, white pants, and fez hat are all Aladdin costume staples. It’s looks so easy and effortless when you can pull off this hipster look and even easier when you’ve already got a great wardrobe you can aspire to.

Hipster Aladdin Costume
Hipster Aladdin Costume
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As Seen in Aladdin, Hipster
Updated on Aug 30, 2017

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