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Hipster Princess Jasmine Costume

We’ve seen a hipster Aladdin already so why not shoot for a hipster equivalent of Princess Jasmine? This costume shows you how it’s done. The hipster craze is going strong thanks in large part to Instagram, nostalgic photo effects and our love for things vintage. In putting together your own hipster Princess Jasmine you are free to use modern pieces as being hipster is very much an in-the-moment trend. So the important things to hit are the trademark Jasmine turquoise color and gold jewelry. While the wardrobe may look simple, you can see the wrist jewelry as well as the necklace are something a modern day Jasmine would be wearing. You could substitute a white neck scarf in place of the white sheer jacket if you wanted since lots of hipsters are doing it as well. Of course the most important part here is Jasmine’s bright red lipstick and dark hipster frames. Get those in place with a hipster Aladdin by your side and you’ll be set to hit the Halloween party in style!

Hipster Princess Jasmine Costume
Hipster Princess Jasmine Costume
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As Seen in Aladdin, Hipster
Updated on Oct 9, 2017

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