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Red Princess Jasmine Costume Slave Girl

Princess Jasmine from the Aladdin movie has a few wardrobe changes, though she is most known for her standard blue Jasmine costume. However, for a very brief time during the Aladdin movie, this equally beautiful red Princess Jasmine costume surfaces near the end as Jafar uses his magic to overthrow the sultan and take over Agrabah. At this point he hypnotizes Princess Jasmine to do his bidding so that he may marry hery and legally rule the city. This red Princess Jasmine costume is reminiscent as the Princesss Leia slave girl costume, hence the description in the title. It incorporates the same elements as Princess Jasmine’s regular wardrobe, namely the bare belly and long flowy pants.

red princess jasmine costume
red princess jasmine costume
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As Seen in Aladdin
Updated on Sep 13, 2017

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  • mchick

    I love this outfit!! I want to be this for halloween any suggestions on where to get one!!

  • http://bit.ly/dqdmSe. Broken hearted cuz its not for sale :(

  • babby

    where did you get the jewelry earrings and crown? or did you make it if so how? thanks .. Love this!

  • RINA

    OMG how can I buy this ppleaaasseee!!

  • KimCJ

    As a sewer, I have studied this. Obviously the top is a red bandeau bathing suit bra. I’m pretty sure the bottoms are a V-shaped peach bathing suit bottom with red harem pants sewn on and the original waistband removed.

    • Isthmus B.

      Well, I have studied this too and if your mind is in the sewer, then my mind is in the gutter. I just wanna know where I can find this harem

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