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Disney Queen of Hearts Costume

The villain in Alice in Wonderland is easily the temperamental Queen of Hearts who is prone to decreeing a beheading whenever things don’t go her way. You can use that bit to have yourself some fun when you decide to dress up in this classic Disney Queen of Hearts costume not be confused with the crazy mess that is Tim Burton’s version. The classic Queen of Hearts look we all remember from the animated film is perfect for larger ladies who want to send off an imposing vibe as a powerful queen. The costume itself is quite fun and has alternating white and black patch patterns that aren’t symmetric. The inner part of her dress makes use of diagonal lines also in non-matching alternating colors. She wears a small yellow crown on her head perhaps to make her head look even larger than it really is and she is pretty much always making a scary yelling face.

Disney Queen of Hearts Costume
Disney Queen of Hearts Costume
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Updated on Oct 9, 2017

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