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Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

So you want a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume, but you still want to look like the original Alice from the classic Disney film. Your idea isn’t hard to achieve at all! What you really need is an updated look to the traditional Alice blue dress. So the sexy Alice in Wonderland costume should come in the same baby blue as the classic Alice, but the updated dress has a lower neckline and shorter skirt. The sexy Alice costume definitely needs to come with the white apron as well, and probably should have a bow in the back. For an ever sexier look, wear a puffy petticoat underneath the baby blue dress and find some white knee-high stockings. And that’s your sexy Alice in Wonderland costume for you! Watch out evil Red Queen, you ain’t no match for this Alice!

Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume
Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume
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Updated on Sep 29, 2017

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