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Chipettes Chipmunk Costumes

Don’t let the guys have all the fun dressing as Alvin, Simon, and Theodore from the squirrely singing act Alvin and the Chipmunks! Not when you can dress up with two other friends as the rival group that is even more adorable: The Chipettes! Featuring from the left Eleanor, Brittany, and Jeanette you can see that the Chipettes clearly have more style and pizazz than the drab costumes of Alvin and his gang. The cutest costumes will probably go to Eleanor and Brittany but Jeanette’s costume can be pretty fun too when worn with cute socks and sneakers. Eleanor gets to wear a cute schoolgirl inspired outfit with a cool tie, skirt, and hair done up in cute buns. Brittany gets a hot pink getup that is reminiscent of the 80s so it’s all about that exercise look with leg-warmers vibe. Jeanette gets to wear cute big frame round glasses which are hugely popular nowadays along with a more modest all-blue costume. The Chipettes are a fantastic costume idea for Alvin and the Chipmunk fans who are just plain tired of seeing the boys hog the spotlight at the party all the time. The girl group’s costumes are so much more intricate and well-thought out and no doubt you’ll have a blast putting it together.

Chipettes Chipmunk Costumes
Chipettes Chipmunk Costumes
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Updated on Sep 23, 2017

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