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Easy Alvin Chipmunk Costume

Every child who watches Alvin the Chipmunks always secretly wishes for the life of the main star Alvin, who is famous for being a singing chipmunk thanks to father/manager Dave and gets to have a life full of adventure and mischief. For your little chipmunk fan, you can easily put together your very own costume for him or her so they can live out their dream even if only for a day. The costume for Alvin is simple thanks to the fact that he is a cartoon character who is simply drawn. He just wears a big red sweater with a yellow “A” on it. You can attempt a similar look with a regular sweater, jacket, or hoodie. The letter “A” can be cut from felt and glued on or if you are really crafty you could use paint made for use on clothing. Throw on a red baseball cap and the costume is done. You could optionally draw in a cute black nose on the tip and some whiskers on the cheeks to add to the chipmunk effect.

Easy Alvin Chipmunk Costume
Easy Alvin Chipmunk Costume
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Updated on Sep 9, 2017

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