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The green king pig from the Angry Birds game is the ultimate cute villain. While the birds are angrily hurling themselves at the green pigs, the king pig sits safe and securely in a structure that take a few hits to take down. With all the other costume goers going as an Angry Bird, as the king pig you will be the object of great despise. In fact, many birds will be hurling themselves at you. Now, this could be a good thing! So use this villainous king pig costume from Angry Birds to your advantage. This costume is unique in that it is a whole body costume but the head is enlarged so it’s much bigger and cuter than some of the other costumes out there. It’s also truly round and not one of those puffy Angry Birds costume you see out there. For the rest of the costume you can wear all black so as not to take away from the green pig body suit which fits your whole head and upper body.

Angry Birds Pig Costume
Angry Birds Pig Costume
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As Seen in Angry Birds
Updated on Oct 29, 2017

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