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Black Angry Bird Costume

Anyone who’s played Angry Birds will tell you their favorite bird is the black angry bird thanks to its destructive ability compared to the others. It’s very strong and is able to break walls or anything else it encounters. It’s also much bigger than the other birds so if you want an Angry Birds costume to be the king of them all then the black Angry Bird is your best bet. This costume will definitely stand out in a crowd due to its massive size. This is a full body suit and is actually shapely thanks to EVA foam compared to some other costumes which are more saggy and less accurate looking. These costumes will require you to use a helmet and perhaps shoulder straps for support when making on your own since they are very top heavy and full body styled costumes.

Black Angry Bird Costume
Black Angry Bird Costume
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As Seen in Angry Birds
Updated on Nov 9, 2017

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