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Easy Homemade Angry Birds Costumes

The Angry Birds are a fun group of birds (and pigs) that seem bent on war with each other despite their cute demeanor. They are cartoonized drawings after all so they actually aren’t that hard to make into your own homemade Angry Birds costume if you want to try your hand at it. This couple here sport a very well constructed and easily identifiable red bird and green pig costume. They start with a hooded rain coat which you could easily substitute with a sweater of the right color. Then it’s an easily constructed mask of the red bird or the green pig out of construction paper which is then attached to the top of the hood. You can pull it down for pictures and leave it up for the rest of your party. The final touches are adding a few red feathers to the red bird costume and a crown for the king pig. You can see it’s an easy couples costume without requiring you to spend a lot, so show off your Angry Birds spirit this Halloween season without breaking the bank!

Easy Homemade Angry Birds Costumes
Easy Homemade Angry Birds Costumes
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Updated on Oct 31, 2017

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