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Arrietty Spiller Costume

The latest production from Studio Ghibli is the wonderful film that provides a glimpse into the Secret World of Arrietty. One of the few characters that stands out in the animated movie is definitely Spiller, who doesn’t speak too much but shows himself as a reliable, dependable and loyal friend. Since there aren’t many Borrowers, Spiller seems that much more special. This spiller costume here is wonderfully done and actually works quite well without too much effort. Definitely everyone will remember Spiller’s wild look with his hairy animal cloak. Once you get past that, you just need some face paint and you’re mostly there. Spiller costume carries a bow and arrow which should be easily available with the popularity of Hunger Games as a costume prop nowadays. Throw in some wrist guards and a pouch and your Spiller costume from The Secret World of Arrietty is complete.

Arrietty Spiller Costume
Arrietty Spiller Costume
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As Seen in Arrietty
Updated on Sep 28, 2017

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