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Kidagakash Costume from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This one is certainly one of the most underrated Disney movies and is sure to be an unexpected surprise when you show up in this Kidagakash costume to your next Halloween party. This one is a completely custom made as this character is rather obscure as Disney characters come. The movie is from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Here you see the princess of Atlantis “Kida” for short. Kida’s costume is quite tribal and therefore quite simple. To get this look, it is basically a glorified blue bikini to which you can add a skirt of a similar color. The real trick is matching the hair color and face painting.

Kidagakash Costume from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Kidagakash Costume from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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As Seen in Atlantis
Updated on Oct 26, 2017

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