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Princess Kida is from the Lost Empire of Atlantis and a relatively unknown Disney princess which is perfect if you want to be a princess without wearing the same costume as the next girl. Princess Kida has more of a futuristic yet aboriginal look keeping in the theme of an advanced but lost civilization of Atlantis. Her princess wardrobe is quite simple and features a blue bikini with a blue skirt. Princess Kida usually walks around barefoot but you can wear sandals with your costume if you have too. You will need a white wig as she is the only Disney princess to have white hair which will help you stand out from the crowd. She’s also very old having lived 8,000 years which could explain the hair color. She has facial tattoos which are supposed to be teardrops on the right side of her face. Don’t forget the Atlantean crystal shard she wears around her neck as it is the source of Atlantis’ power. Be a unique Disney princess this year without all too much effort with a simple Princess Kida costume.

Princess Kida Costume
Princess Kida Costume
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As Seen in Atlantis
Updated on Aug 25, 2017

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