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Black Widow Costume from The Avengers

The Black Widow costume did not get much screen time prior to this movie other than some action in Iron Man 2. This is also when moviegoers saw more of Nick Fury, the captain of the squad. In this photo you can clearly see what the Black Widow’s costume looks like and why she is named such as the story goes into her past. In the photo you can see she wears a black jacket and pants fitted with an assortment of guns and knives. What sets this costume apart is the belt where you can see she has something of a red hourglass clip true to Scarlett Johansson character’s name. She is also known as Natasha Romanoff but it’s a mouthful to say to someone when a fellow party-goer asks who you are. Be sure not to leave out the fiery red hair as Scarlett is showing in this photo.

Black Widow Costume from The Avengers
Black Widow Costume from The Avengers
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As Seen in Avengers
Updated on Sep 23, 2017

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