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Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Costume from The Avengers

In this great close up shot you can see the Hawkeye costume in great detail thanks to the lighting in this photo. Hawkeye is played by Jeremy Renner in the Avengers movie and finally gets his first screen time there. He plays the love interest of Black Widow whom you only got to see briefly in Iron Man 2. At any rate this costume shows his short sleeve black shirt is covered by a thicker vest with detailing of a hawk insignia. His sleeves also seem to flare out a bit. He wears a protective wrist guard for the arrows like any archer with good sense would do. His costume is easy to pull off as it is quite recognizable thanks to the box office success of the movie. Hawkeye wears all black and all you’ll have to do is get a set of arrows you can sling on your back with a black bow. Throw on the wrist guard and you are mostly there, depending on how hard you want to try.

Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Costume from The Avengers
Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Costume from The Avengers
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As Seen in Avengers
Updated on Sep 20, 2017

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