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Bambi’s Thumper: Baby Bunny Costume

You should seize the opportunity to dress your baby up in a baby bunny costume inspired by Bambi’s best friend Thumper. Thumper is a cute rabbit who just can’t help but thump his left hind leg constantly. Though he is Thumper, he can skate mighty well on ice, and can even teach the wobbly Bambi to do so as well. So before your baby can try to thump his foot as hard has Thumper, you should just dress him up as in a baby bunny costume. You really don’t want a child to be thumping, which really equals stomping, his feet all over. So such a baby rabbit costume is easy – find a full-on plush body suit in gray and white and make sure it’s got two floppy ears as well. The whole point was to resemble Thumper but without your baby replicating the thumping action. Yes, indeed a great baby bunny costume.

Bambi's Thumper Baby Bunny Costume
Bambi's Thumper Baby Bunny Costume
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As Seen in Bambi
Updated on Sep 10, 2017

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  • shaw gen

    Got my costume… And it awesome must stay away from all rabbit holes though!!!

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