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Bane and Batman Couples Costume

The most recent Batman movie featured a new villain Bane who is seen here. The two are still fresh in people’s minds so you won’t be stale going as Batman alone. With a companion in a Bane costume, you are fresh just like the last Batman movie. Bane’s costume is pretty fun to put together so we’ll start with him. Since it is snowing in Gotham Bane likes to wear a very warm leather jacket with a fluffy fur lining on the inside and a high collar on the neck. He wears gloves and a vest on the inside. Bane’s costume’s main feature is his mask which works as some sort of breathing apparatus for the villain. That you will probably need to purchase if you can’t make it yourself. Batman’s costume also looks store-bought with a very cool black-on-black look without the traditional yellow insignia seen in the older Batman costumes.

Bane and Batman Couples Costume
Bane and Batman Couples Costume
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As Seen in Batman
Updated on Sep 15, 2017

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