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Harley Quinn Costume

Though a minor character from the Batman animated series, she is an assistant to the Joker and a major fan favorite. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve heard from female Batman fans how their favorite character was Harley Quinn. There aren’t that many female role models to look up to in Batman after all plus it gets you an opportunity to dress up really uniquely if you decide to attempt her costume. Harley Quinn’s wardrobe is very unique and alternating geometric red and black. Get a similar red and black fool’s hat and paint your face according to the reference photo. For this costume we may recommend going with a pre-made store-bought one as the thought of even attempting to recreate Harley Quinn’s costume makes our head spin.

Harley Quinn Costume
Harley Quinn Costume
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As Seen in Batman
Updated on Aug 2, 2017

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