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Kids Joker Costume

Thanks to the heavy makeup of the Joker, it’s easy to put together a frightening costume for kids who are into Batman. In the Dark Knight movie, the Joker is portrayed as a maniacal and sadistic enemy with truly wild makeup. This costume is inspired by that movie and the late Heath Ledger’s fantastic performance. The costume starts with a simple white button up shirt with a tie and matching vest. The Joker loves purple and is always seen in it so the key to this costume is the purple coat. Pair that with some simple black pants and it’s practically done. If you really want make this kids Joker costume even scarier, that’s where the facial makeup comes in. Joker’s face is mostly white except for his mouth area which is elongated by the red lipstick since in the movie he claimed a smile was carved into his face. Then add on some dramatic black eye makeup and dye your boy’s hair green for the full on Joker effect. What you are left with is a truly scary costume that young boys will certainly love. And you’ll love it too because it was all so easy to put together!

Kids Joker Costume
Kids Joker Costume
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As Seen in Batman
Updated on Oct 17, 2017

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