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Gaston Costume

We never understood why Belle from Beauty and the Beast never liked Gaston. He was a strapping young man, handsome, strong, and in the prime of his youth with affections for her. All the other girls were swooning for him and for some reason he was made out to be the bad guy. Well never mind that, if you stand with us in thinking that poor Gaston was misrepresented in the Beauty and the Beast, show your support for him by going as this very cool Gaston costume for your next party. As you can see Gaston wears a fairly simple wardrobe that consists of a red tunic and green tights. Don’t go too green or else people will think you are dressing for Christmas instead of Halloween! Gaston also has a boy scout looking bow at the collar and wears black gloves and boots. Assume one of Gaston’s mighty poses while in costume and watch the girls come flocking to you.

Gaston Costume
Gaston Costume
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Updated on Jun 11, 2017

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