50's Prime Time Cafe Costume
Roy Lichtenstein Comic Book Costume
Judge Claude Frollo Costume
Pop Art Lichtenstein Costume
Pinocchio Group Costume
Gaston Costume
Girl's Roy Lichtenstein Face Painting Costume
Russell and Carl Fredricksen Costumes
Homemade Great Gatsby Costume
Great Gatsby Women's Costumes
Great Gatsby Costume of Leonardo DiCaprio
Steve Carell Gru Costume
Jay Gatsy Daisy Buchanan Couples Costume
Gru and Dr. Nefario Couples Costume
Squishy's Mom Costume
Despicable Me Antonio Costume
Tobey Maguire Great Gatsby Costume

Best Costume Ideas of 2013

Each year there are some unique costume ideas that have been popularized by movies, TV shows, rising (or falling) celebrities, global phenomenons, or current events. Last year’s popular costumes will have fallen by the wayside, paving the road for our carefully picked selection of the best costume ideas for 2013 in our most humblest of opinions. Get ideas for the freshest and most current Halloween costumes of 2013 here and check back periodically as we maintain and update the list all the way up to October 31st, Halloween to account for any new dress up inspirations.

Miley Cyrus Twerking CostumeMiley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, the artist formerly known as the wholesome Hannah Montana, definitely attracted a lot of attention with her recent raunchy performance at the VMAs with Robin Thicke. We’re betting that while lots of people are outraged, an even greater number of girls will be embracing Miley’s controversial twerking costume for Halloween this year. If we don’t see at least one Miley costume complete with foam finger during Halloween this year, we’ll be very surprised. → See More

despicable me costumesDespicable Me

The adorable little minions and a new purple one and Gru himself prepare for a sequel movie that is sure to get kids excited this year yet again. → See More

monsters university costumesMonsters University

Who can ignore this year’s big hit from Pixar Studios: Monsters University? Occurring before the Monsters Inc. movie this prequel explores the history between Mike and Sulley when they first meet in college, polar opposites of each other, and how they band together and learn to work as a team. The theme of friendship is carried on and of course there are lots of new scary and cute monsters introduced in the movie which are great candidates for Halloween costumes. → See More

Breaking Bad CostumeBreaking Bad

A big hit for the AMC channel that concluded just days ago is the Breaking Bad series about a high school chemistry teacher turned underground meth lord of the southwestern United States. It’s going through its last half of its last season this year and is sure to end with a big bang! Celebrate its end with lots of inspiring costumes from the series like a simple yellow lab suit or even a Los Pollos Hermanos employee! → See More

great gatsy costumesThe Great Gatsby

If you’ve ever wanted to dress up in the golden age of the 1920s, well here’s your license to do so! With the Leonardi DiCaprio movie of the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald novel out this year, The Great Gatsy, you too can slick your hair back and dress up in the inspiring fashion of the roaring 20s. → See More

wreck-it ralph costumesWreck-It Ralph

Sure, we featured Wreck-It Ralph last year before Halloween 2012, so you might wonder why we’re featuring it again. That’s because since then it’s gotten lots of DVD screen time for kids everywhere and from our Vanellope costume popularity, we know it’s going to be an even bigger hit this year than last. More people are excited about the movie and have more time to prep for Halloween, plus a lot more costumes are now readily available. → See More

game of thrones costumesGame of Thrones

Certainly the biggest TV show sensation of the year, Game of Thrones is going on three seasons strong and is not going away. It just keeps getting better and better and gaining more critical mass as it goes along. With it, more fans will be dressing like Game of Thrones characters than ever and fortunately there are lots to choose from. → See More

man of steel costumesMan of Steel

Who doesn’t love a good Superman costume? Don’t forget about Clark Kent either… or a combination of the two! → See More

oz the great and powerful costumesOz the Great and Powerful

While Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow have been Halloween staples every since the original Wizard of Oz movie from 1939, this year we are fortunate to get a fresh take on and a peek into the back-story of the Wizard himself as well as the witches Theodora, Glinda, and Evanora. → See More

prince william kate middleton costumesPrince William and Kate Middleton (and Baby George)

Have a baby of your own? Well you’re in luck, so do the English Prince William and his lovely wife Kate Middleton. Be the royalty you will never be at least one day this year.

kanye kim kardashian costumesKanye West and Kim Kardashian (and Baby North)

Want to opt for our American version of royalty? The two biggest stars and perhaps the biggest celebrity couple in all of 2013 has to be Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and their newborn baby! Sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce, you two are just too non-controversial to make the costume list!

taylor swift costumeTaylor Swift

Whoever Taylor Swift’s stylist is, you have to hand it to her for being to create such an iconic “Taylor Swift” look. With that said, that makes it very easy for us normal folk to dress up as our favorite country pop star. Taylor’s look is very distinct and very consistent, allowing for easy imitation.

macklemore costumeMacklemore

Seattle music sensation Macklemore burst onto the scene in early 2013 and graced us with his thrifty ways in his very catchy tune “Thrift Shop.” His look is very easy to capture and he often embraces it himself by wearing what he wore in his music video.

the office costumesThe Office

Without their beloved Michael Scott, “The Office” comes to an end in 2013. So what that means is it’s one last blast to celebrate your favorite office worker characters.

the walking dead costumesThe Walking Dead

Zombies are here to stay, even in 2013. The AMC hit series “The Walking Dead” is still going strong and has quite the following thanks to its twisting plot lines.

minecraft costumesMinecraft

These blocky costumes inspired by the indie video game turned global sensation Minecraft are sure to stand out among the crowd and please the kids at the same time. Kids and adults all love playing Minecraft, especially now since it’s so readily available on our iPads or iPhones. Minecraft costumes are easy to make and unique so it gets our vote for one of the top ideas for 2013. → See More

hipster-costumesHipster Costumes

If the word “hipster” doesn’t sum up the year 2013 then we don’t know what does. Take the fashion and lifestyle craze in stride by doing an up-to-date hipster version of your favorite costume characters. It’s fun to use a little creativity to make things that were once old new and fresh again. Plus who doesn’t want a chance to sport a pair of those cool hipster frames? → See More

lone ranger costumesLone Ranger

Johnny Depp fans rejoice everywhere! (And if you’re a guy get ready for lots of attention as Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s sidekick)! The old TV series is back in a big way with a Disney-sized movie budget. Sure it was a dud, but there’s no denying Depp’s appeal to women. → See More

The list above will constantly be changing and updating, but these are the hot trends we’ve identified for 2013. As the year is only halfway through, you can be sure that there will be new costume ideas added until the big day at the end of October. Keep your eyes peeled for more ideas!

Updated on Oct 7, 2013