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Disney Brave Queen Elinor Costume

This Queen Elinor costume makes the the perfect companion to a Merida costume if you have daughter eager to dress up as Disney’s newest princess. Queen Elinor must be regal and wear a majestic green robe. Note the shiny thread detailing in the photo. Other points to consider are the hair and ponytail. She has long brown hair and it is tied in multiple sections. Make sure to mimic this part precisely to better resemble the character. She is the more diplomatic of two, balancing out King Fergus quite nicely in the movie. Try to find a tiara with a green gemstone to match the dress. Also note the gold embroidery detailing. Get a date to dress up as King Fergus with you and you’ll be the cutest couple this year!

Disney Brave Queen Elinor Costume
Disney Brave Queen Elinor Costume
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As Seen in Brave
Updated on Jul 1, 2017

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