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Lord Macintosh and MacGuffen Costumes from Brave

If you want to go Braveheart-style bare chested as a warlord this Halloween, be sure to consider Lord Macintosh, the skinnier fellow here with the blue body paint. If you’re lanky and don’t mind showing some skin, this is a great and fairly simply costume to go as from the Pixar movie Brave. He’s got blue body paint in a few strategic places, mostly in circular shapes. Also wear a plaid single-shoulder toga to finish the costume. If instead you are a man of few words and have a bigger frame, you can also consider Lord MacGuffen. His costume is really all in the facial hair, so be sure to tie up your mustache and hair outward with rubber bands. He wears studded armor with an army-green plaid tunic. Strap a knife strap and wear it with a pouch for a more authentic feel.

Lord Macintosh and MacGuffen Costumes from Brave
Lord Macintosh and MacGuffen Costumes from Brave
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As Seen in Brave
Updated on Jul 3, 2017

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