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Princess Merida Costume

Count on Disney and Pixar to come up with a brand new princess for young girls to aspire after. This year’s newest Disney princess to the cast is Princess Merida, star of the 2012 summer hit from Pixar Studios. Merida is a headstrong princess (aren’t they all) who refuses to follow the path that is pre-determined for her. Instead, she would rather live her own life and as you can see from this movie poster, she’s being quite un-princessly with a hunter’s cloak and bow and arrow. Under the armor you can see a bit of her princess gown peeking out at the elbows. Consider something heavier and rough for the dark blue fabric of her cloak. Also note how intricate her bow is. You may not need to go this far if you can pull off the wild head of red curly hair. A headstrong attitude is a must.

Princess Merida Costume
Princess Merida Costume
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As Seen in Brave
Updated on Jun 28, 2017

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