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Just because Breaking Bad is adult oriented and revolves around the rise of a meth drug lord doesn’t mean your kids can’t get in on the fun. The costumes for Mr. White and Jesse are easy because they are just two regular folks who also happen to be moonlighting as meth cooks on the side. That means their clothing won’t be too hard to find and pull off. It’s a perfect couples costume for two best friends or two brothers who like the show. Mr. White’s costume requires a bald wig unless you really just want to go bald just for the day. The Mr. White look is otherwise relatively easy with a button up shirt, khakis tucked in with a belt, glasses and a goatee. Jesse Pinkman’s costume is a cinch as well since he is a drug-abusing young adult with no real aspirations or goal in life. He just needs a beanie with a red hoodie and your favorite graphic tee. It’ll get lots of attention since these are kids costumes and Breaking Bad is clearly not a kids’ show. But at least these Mr. White and Jesse costumes are easy!

Mr. White and Jesse Kids Costumes
Mr. White and Jesse Kids Costumes
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As Seen in Breaking Bad
Updated on Sep 22, 2017

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