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Cars Costume Ideas

Tokyo Tow Mater Costume

Kids who love the Disney Pixar movie Cars will undoubtedly fall in love with the loyal friend Tow Mater and want to be him. You can buy a store-bought Tow Mater costume but honestly what's the fun in that? You can see how great a... → Read More

As Seen in Cars

Cars 2 Finn McMissile Costume

What could be more exciting than playing the part of a secret agent, skilled in his craft, and loaded with deadly missiles? You can either buy a Finn McMissile costume, or better yet, just construct your own out of cardboard! It could be a lot... → Read More

As Seen in Cars

Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Costume

If you're in the mood for a night of racing from one house to another trick-or-treating, then a Lightning McQueen costume would suit your need for speed the best. If you want, you could construct your own costume from scratch. Just assemble a few cardboard... → Read More

As Seen in Cars

Cars 2 Mater Costume

Didn't think it was possible to dress up as Mater from Cars 2? Well, you can! This kind of costume, however, is only limited to children or toddlers, so if you're older than that..well maybe you could try anyway? For a Mater costume, you should... → Read More

As Seen in Cars

Car’s Mater Children Disney Costume

So your boy is a big fan of Disney's Cars movie. He loves all the cars in the movie, including the rusty yet lovable tow truck Mater. Well, you're in luck - and your boy's in luck - because here's a Car's Mater children Disney... → Read More

As Seen in Cars

Cars Children’s Disney Costume: Lightening McQueen

Is your child repeating these taglines over and over? "Ca-chow!" "Faster...I am Lightening...woohoo!"  If he is, then you know he sure loves Disney's Cars movie. Why not dress him up in a Lightening McQueen costume? It's a great children's Disney costume idea! Your child will... → Read More

As Seen in Cars