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Kid’s Cat in the Hat Costume

Perhaps the most famous character from the Dr. Seuss books for children is the dear Car in the Hat. Beloved for many generations young and old, there isn’t anyone who won’t recognize this Cat in the Hat costume for kids. Fortunately the illustrations in the children’s book portrayed the cat in the hat with only a few simple colors and lines, which translates into an easier time making your own Cat in the Hat costume. He has black fur with a white tummy so you might just find a black sweater with sweatpants and cut yourself a circular portion of felt to glue on for the belly. The Cat also has big Mickey Mouse style gloves or just plain white ones as well if you don’t want him as comical. The defining feature of the Cat in the Hat costume is assuredly his long red and white striped hat, as that is such a part of his character it’s right there in his name! The tall hat can be easily fashioned yourself or with an existing hat as a base which you can cover with fabric. For fun, your child can also get an excuse to wear some cat face makeup as this child has done, with white cheeks and whiskers. It’s a wholesome and easy costume that every kid will love and enjoy and every other kid will recognize. Who wouldn’t want to be a childhood story character come to real life?

Kid's Cat in the Hat Costume
Kid's Cat in the Hat Costume
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As Seen in Cat in the Hat
Updated on Sep 15, 2017

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