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Maleficent 2014 Costume
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Celebrities Costume Ideas

Katy Perry Gumball Candy Costume

Part of Katy Perry's appeal besides her talented voice is her visually stunning wardrobe. When she puts on a show, she really puts on a show. In this wonderful Halloween costume idea, you can dress as Katy Perry did in her gumball candy dress which... → Read More

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Peppermint Katy Perry Costume

Katy Perry is an iconic pop star of the current times and besides her great and catchy songs she is known for her eye-popping wardrobes. In her movie, Katy Perry dons an adorable peppermint candy outfit which serves as the basis for this sweet Halloween... → Read More

As Seen in Celebrities

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Costume

The singer and entertainer known most common as Prince, but also goes by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince and also as an unpronounceable symbol, has a defining look that cannot be better expressed than this purple velvet costume. Prince's old 80s look is a... → Read More

As Seen in Celebrities

Tyrone Biggums Costume

If you've ever watched Chappelle's Show one of the funniest recurring characters in comedian Dave Chappelle's skits has got to be the homeless crackhead Tyrone Biggums. His look is always the same and easily recognizable. Dave Chappelle has been off the radar long enough so... → Read More

As Seen in Celebrities

Miley Cyrus VMA Costume

Miley Cyrus had a solo performance on stage at the 2013 MTV music awards show before her shocking duet with singer Robin Thicke. Before Robin appeared on stage, Miley was dressed in a cute little mouse costume which we think is a wonderful costume idea... → Read More

As Seen in Celebrities

Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke Couples Costume

We're launching our newly established "Celebrity" costume category with none other than the infamous Miley Cyrus and her polarizing performance at the MTV VMA. In her on stage performance with singer Robin Thicke, Miley showed off some twerking dance movies in a skin tight and... → Read More

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