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Peppermint Katy Perry Costume

Katy Perry is an iconic pop star of the current times and besides her great and catchy songs she is known for her eye-popping wardrobes. In her movie, Katy Perry dons an adorable peppermint candy outfit which serves as the basis for this sweet Halloween costume. We love how unique it looks, how it mimics a well known celebrity, and how simple and easy it is to put together yourself. The core of this costume is the peppermint candy of which there are six pictured. You can cut out Styrofoam or even buy these circular shaped ones and then draw in the swirls. Wrap them in clear cellophane wrapping paper which you can get at your local crafts store and tie them with cute little red ribbons. Make sure your base is a completely white ensemble and stick on the peppermint candies wherever you’d like them but be sure to have two up on top you know where. The rest of the outfit is a matter of tying in the red theme with a red belt, red fingerless gloves, red painted nails, red lipstick, and a really good Katy Perry hairstyle or wig.

Peppermint Katy Perry Costume
Peppermint Katy Perry Costume
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Updated on Oct 23, 2017

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