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Cinderella Servant Maid Costume 2015

When we first meet Cinderella in the 2015 Disney film we see her as a lowly servant maid to her stepmother and stepsisters and her costume reflects that status. We love how it’s a fresh albeit grungy take on a Cinderella costume that finally isn’t blue with glass slippers. This version of Cinderella shows how Ella gets her name, working among the cinder blocks and getting dirty with the house chores. In this servant Cinderella costume we get a glimpse of actress Lily James wearing a rather plain blue dress with a brown apron over it, yet still her beauty cannot be hidden by her costume. She’s carrying two buckets of water from the well which you may consider for a prop.

Cinderella Servant Maid Costume 2015
Cinderella Servant Maid Costume 2015
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As Seen in Cinderella 2015
Updated on Apr 28, 2017

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