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Cinderella Evil Step Sisters Disney Costume

If your Halloween theme is Disney costumes, but with villains, you can be sure that most people won’t think of Drizella or Anastasia from Cinderella. Who, you said? Exactly. Drizella and Anastasia are the evil step sisters of the poor but kind Cinderella. Both are equally ugly in the Cinderella animated film. Drizella is the one dressed in the green ballroom gown with the horrendous feather accessory on her head, and Anastasia is the one dressed in fuchsia trying to play the flute. You can be either one of them as your villainous Disney costume. Don’t forget to wear outrageous (think neon!) makeup to go with the very bright colored gowns. You’ll surely be the star of the Halloween crowd!

Cinderella Evil Step Sisters Disney Costume
Cinderella Evil Step Sisters Disney Costume
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As Seen in Cinderella
Updated on Oct 1, 2014

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