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Clash of Clans Group Costumes

If you’ve got a group of friends this year who you also happen to play Clash of Clans with on your mobile devices, why not bring the game to life by dressing up as one of the many colorful troops in the game? This group of avid Clash of Clan gamers decided to go as the barbarian, goblin, archer and healer units. They aren’t terribly hard to do as you can see so it may be something fun for you and your friends to get together to plan. The barbarian costume is a helmet of yellow hair with big teeth and tongue that looks printed out. The chest is a muscle suit and a belt with a shield shaped clip over a red sash finishes it off. The goblin is a green upper body suit paired with face paint and brown pants. The archer costume is composed of a pink wig with a green dress with cape and a bow and arrow accessory. The healer is just a white wig, yellow dress, and angel wings since she is a flying unit.

Clash of Clans Group Costumes
Clash of Clans Group Costumes
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As Seen in Clash of Clans
Updated on Sep 16, 2017

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