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Cowboy Bebop Ed Costume

An easy anime character from a well respected and well liked anime series that will surely not be missed has to be the youngest character Ed from Cowboy Bebop. Ed, contrary to the name, is actually a girl though she doesn’t every really admit it. She’s a big of light-hearted relief for the otherwise dramatic noir series and her perky personality shows through with her fun costume. Ed is a simple girl and almost like a stray dog that gets picked up in the middle of the Cowboy Bebop series. She’s the adventurous type so she always sports her big goggles on her head. She’s got wild red hair and bright red rosy cheeks which you can draw in easily with some makeup. Aside from that it’s just a simple midriff-baring white shirt combined with spandex black shorts. To score even more points be sure to carry Ed’s dog Ein with you when you are in costume, as many people will surely want to fawn over the very smart Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Throw a pose like the one here and be wild and free like in the Ed costume. Cowboy Bebop fans will be happy to see you, plus it is such an easy costume you really don’t need to put in much effort at all.

Cowboy Bebop Ed Costume
Cowboy Bebop Ed Costume
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As Seen in Cowboy Bebop
Updated on Aug 29, 2017

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