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Cowboy Bebop Judy Costume

Though not a part of the actual story, Judy is a cowgirl who appears randomly on episodes when the Cowboy Bebop crew watches the TV series Big Shot which features the current bounties out on the market. And she’s hot! Any guy who has watched the Cowboy Bebop series will tell you how much he looked forward to episodes of Big Shot just to catch a glimpse of the peppy Judy. She acts like an over-the-top cowgirl even though the series is set in 2071 in the future. Judy’s costume is fun and if you have any western pieces lying around you’ll be able to use them once again. First of all, Judy gets to wear a cute cowboy hat and blue jean jacket which magically remains attached and unbuttoned at the same time (nothing a little Hollywood tape can’t fix!) She also wears a red handkerchief as a scarf and a black leather skirt. Since she is a cowgirl after all, she wears a gun sling and carries a gun with her. You’ll definitely be able to score lots of out of box originality points by taking everyone’s favorite anime and giving a recurring but minor character some new life. Judy’s costume is fun and original and easy to do with some of your own household pieces.

Cowboy Bebop Judy Costume
Cowboy Bebop Judy Costume
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As Seen in Cowboy Bebop
Updated on Sep 22, 2017

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