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When you think of Cowboy Bebop you think of the ragtag bounty hunter crew and their adventures through the series. However, an influential character that gets lost in the background is the beautiful and mysterious Julia. Her connection with Spike develops throughout a few episodes until the dramatic ending. Julia is a beautiful blonde with long curly hair. She, like Faye Valentine, has a flair for sexy clothing and the black leather suit she wears does not disappoint. If you’ve got a black leather suit lying around from costumes past, perhaps you can re-purpose it as a Julia costume. Other than the black leather suit the other accessories are easier to manage. Get yourself some designer sunglasses to wear at the top of your head and a black neck collar. Julia is also seen carrying a gun around, so you may use it as an accessory.

Cowboy Bebop Julia Costume
Cowboy Bebop Julia Costume
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As Seen in Cowboy Bebop
Updated on Sep 19, 2017

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