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Jet Black is the captain of the Bebop ship and a former ISSP member, which meant he worked for the good of the people, protecting them from t he bad guys. Though he quit the force, Jet Black still serves up his own justice by acting as a bounty hunter. Though a bit mercenary, he still represents good and integrity. That’s why he makes an ideal choice for a dress up character from the Cowboy Bebop anime. Other fans may be gunning for the slick Spike or sexy Faye, but Jet is like the rock holding the crew together. Jet Black’s costume isn’t terribly elaborate, yet it stands out enough on its own. He is usually seen in his flight suit which you can put together with a simple red t-shirt and blue sleeveless flight suit. It has foam padding on the shoulders. He is a tall and well built character, who is balding but still rocks some awesome sideburns which continue down into his beard. He has a scar over his eye to add to his toughness with a small metal piece underneath it. His right arm is bionic so make sure to use some makeup or add some more foam pieces around it to make it machine-like. This Jet Black won’t impress the ladies as much as Spike, perhaps, but he’s still the character with the most dependability and integrity with bad-ass facial hair.

Jet Black Costume
Jet Black Costume
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As Seen in Cowboy Bebop
Updated on Sep 11, 2017

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