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Sexy Judy Cowboy Bebop Costume

Hailing from the fictional bounty hunter TV show Big Shot, Judy is the sexy cowgirl hostess who hosts the show along with her partner Punch. Together, Punch and Judy cover the current bounties in the universe which the Cowboy Bebop crew watches intently as they plan their next target. Judy’s role is the sexy commentator who acts like a stereotypical dumb blonde. She has a bubbly personality and tends to overreact to Punch’s words with great awe and enthusiasm. While her character is very minor in the anime, she’s still the perfectly geeky dress up character for your next costume pick. If you love Cowboy Bebop but don’t want to dress up as Faye or Julia, then this sexy Judy costume is a perfect alternative. She gets to wear a super cute cowgirl outfit with a jean skirt and blue jean jacket. She slings a gun around her waist and sports a cowboy hat along with a red bandanna which she wears around her neck. Judy’s costume is gravity defying as it is able to stay attached to her even though there is clearly nothing holding the jacket together. As you can see here a little invisible band will work or else we recommend Hollywood tape which TV shows have been secretly using to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Judy is a sexy character like many of the other females in Cowboy Bebop and definitely does not get enough attention. Hopefully this Judy costume will bring her some more attention.

Sexy Judy Cowboy Bebop Costume
Sexy Judy Cowboy Bebop Costume
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As Seen in Cowboy Bebop
Updated on Sep 8, 2017

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