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For over ten years a long time anime staple and fan favorite from animation studio Sunrise is Cowboy Bebop and of course the main protagonist Spike Spiegel. He is a lanky but cool hero, complete with flaws and vices. He represents the epitome of cool and to top it off has excellent coordination and hand to hand combat skills when he needs to use it. Spike’s costume is sure to get a lot of attention from the ladies who are sure to associate his Cowboy Bebop persona with his costume. He wears a blue blazer with slim pants. He has long legs but the legs are cropped fairly high with socks showing. Inside he wears a faded shirt with the top unbuttoned and a hastily done skinny tie. He rolls up his sleeves, impressive given the fact that these are jacket sleeves and not shirt sleeves! Spike also has a glorious mess of wild hair and smokes a cigarette through most of the series. Spike is often seen posing with a gun so you can add that to your prop list. Be sure to pop the shirt collar as well and act really nonchalant.

Spike Spiegel Costume
Spike Spiegel Costume
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As Seen in Cowboy Bebop
Updated on Sep 13, 2017

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