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Kids Darkwing Duck Costume

Kids who grew up watching the ABC show Darkwing Duck in the 90s will surely recognize this adorable Darkwing Duck costume worn by a proud boy. Though kids nowadays will probably not know of the show’s short two year run from 1991-1992, its memory lives on in the form of this Halloween costume for kids. Darkwing Duck was the superhero identity of Drake Mallard with sidekick Launchpad McQuack from the Duck Tales TV series. This Darkwing Duck costume has all the great trappings of a superhero: a mask, a cape, and a cool gun so we’re sure it’s something your child will surely enjoy. Darwing wears a big purple double breasted suit with a cape of the same color. He also wears a big oversized fedora hat which you may opt for instead of a headband bearing the masked hero as pictured here. Since Disney ducks wear no pants, you can also add a pair of khaki colored shorts. The most adorable thing about this costume (besides this boy’s face) has to be the little duck feet in lieu of shoes. This Darkwing costume is sure to make and 90s child-now-parent proud.

Kids Darkwing Duck Costume
Kids Darkwing Duck Costume
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As Seen in Darkwing Duck
Updated on Oct 20, 2017

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