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Despicable Me Gru Mask

With the newest Despicable Me 2 movie out this summer, Gru is sure to make a big comeback this Halloween season! His head and nose are very uniquely shaped and is tough to pull off with what nature gave you. Instead, why not opt for this shiny Gru mask done in a near-perfect replication of the animated former villain voiced by Steve Carrell? This Gru mask is still sinister looking as an evil villain should be with a long pointy nose. Gru’s head is also bald and this Despicable Me mask adds a genuine shine to as if it were real. There are unobtrusive eye slits for your eyes to peep out of the mask so you won’t accidentally bump into things while the mask is on.

Despicable Me Gru Mask
Despicable Me Gru Mask
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As Seen in Despicable Me
Updated on Jul 31, 2014

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