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Despicable Me Lucy Wilde Costume

A fun character that is introduced in Despicable Me 2 is Lucy Wilde, the newly hired agent from the AVL or Anti-Villain League. Voiced by Kristen Wiig, the voice should sound familiar as Kristen previously voiced Miss Hattie from the adoption agency in the first movie. With a bigger role as Gru’s co-spy at the mall, Lucy Wilde shows off her loud fashion sense and love of turquoise as seen from her various wardrobes in the movie. We first meet Lucy Wilde when she pays Gru a visit in her (also turquoise) car and ends up tasering him with a lipstick device. Lucy Wilde’s colors match her bold personality as she is anything but subtle and even a little goofy. This costume is very fun to wear and since she is somewhat humanly proportioned (unlike Gru) you can actually pull it off quite well and easily as you can see here. The blue trench coat needs to be worn with a white and pink polka dot scarf and paired with a big pair of blue sunglasses. Lucy Wilde is a red head and has very orange hair which can be achieved with the right colored wig. Throw on some fancy heels and you’ll be set to show off your Lucy Wilde costume to gawking Despicable Me fans who will most likely be dressed as minions… we can just feel it.

Despicable Me Lucy Wilde Costume
Despicable Me Lucy Wilde Costume
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As Seen in Despicable Me
Updated on Aug 1, 2017

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  • JinLA

    Where can I find this turquoise trench?

  • Vicki Cook

    Did you make the blue coat, or were you able to buy it somewhere, if so where?

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