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Despicable Me Vector Costume

Though an evil villain, it’s hard to hate Vector from the Despicable Me movie as he is such a quirky character. You can take that opportunity yourself to act awkward and nerdy by donning this awesome Vector costume yourself. It’s actually quite a distinct look so it should be no problem pulling off. Of course Vector loves his bright orange track suit so start there. Puma makes one in the perfect color. You may want to use white tape to add the white stripes down the legs and sleeves. Throw on a pair of big nerdy square glasses and a bowl cut and talk like Jason Segel, the voice actor playing Vector behind the scenes and you’ll be set to try and take over the scenes from other Despicable Me characters.

Despicable Me Vector Costume
Despicable Me Vector Costume
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As Seen in Despicable Me
Updated on Jul 3, 2017

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