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Gru Fairy Costume

A small role in Despicable Me 2 was when Gru had to dress himself as a pink fairy for Agnes’ birthday party celebration since the one he hired could not make it. If you’re willing to humiliate yourself like Gru and want to be him but without looking like all the other Grus out there, then your chance to stand out lies in this Gru fairy costume. It’s actually quite a beautiful and very pink ruffly fairy costume which comes complete with gold locks, tiara, wings, and a wand. It’s about as fairy as you can make yourself. This is a great excuse for men who want to cross dress and claim they were just copying Gru as the fairy in Despicable Me 2. You can also go around in a fake high pitched fairy voice insulting little girls who question why you’re so fat too.

Gru Fairy Costume
Gru Fairy Costume
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As Seen in Despicable Me
Updated on Aug 9, 2017

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