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Yellow Minion Costume

This costume of the adorable yellow minion from Despicable Me gets our vote for the best looking homemade minion ever. From far away you would easily mistake this costume for one of Gru’s real yellow minions walking around on the street! The costume is nicely functional so we are even more impressed with its well thought out design as much as its realism. The costume has a small peephole where the eye goes and you can see the head piece is easily removable for easy ingress. The minion’s mouth with cute little teeth and tongue are probably what makes this costume truly stand out as they look real and adorable at the same time. The costume makes use of blue overalls like the yellow minions usually wear and we love how it blends into the child’s clothing who wears a yellow sweater, black gloves, and blue jeans to match the blue jean overalls. It’s an adorable costume and better than anything you could possible purchase, even the officially licensed ones aren’t as well thought out as this minion costume.

Yellow Minion Costume
Yellow Minion Costume
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As Seen in Despicable Me
Updated on Oct 24, 2017

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